Castello Brown - Rates
Castello Brown - Rates


In order to use the spaces of Castello Brown, there are some rates to be applied to the various services for which you intend to reserve the location. On the side you can find a list, which will be constantly updated, of the various services that you can request from the Municipality of Portofino.
If it is necessary to install customized set-ups the day before the event to be held, these must be arranged and organized in such a way as not to disturb visitors.

As per municipal regulation, the structure allows a maximum possible closing time until 02:00

Closing dates

Castello Brown is not available in the following dates due to private events or other administrative reasons

28-08-2022, 30-08-2022, 12-09-2022, 17-09-2022, 03-10-2022

Civil unions
Residents in the municipality of Portofino from 10:00-12:00
300.00 €
Residents in the municipality of Portofino after opening hours
800.00 €
Community citizens after opening of hours
700.00 €
Community citizens after opening of hours
1750.00 €
Foreign citizens who are not domiciled or resident from 10: 00-12: 00
1200.00 €
Foreign citizens neither domiciled nor resident after opening hours
2500.00 €
Castle rental (VAT excluded)
October - March
1000.00 €
Friday and Sunday
2000.00 €
Saturday / Holidays
2500.00 €
April - September
3500.00 €
Friday and Sunday
4000.00 €
5000.00 €
Catering service (VAT excluded)
Request for catering service and use of kitchens
1000.00 €
Meetings (VAT excluded)
From Monday to Thursday excluding June, July and August
1500.00 €
Other items
Extra hours after midnight (excluding VAT), up to 2:00 am maximum
250.00 €
The 22% VAT surcharge must be applied to the rates
Castello Brown is a unique location in the world, located in the center of the Portofino bay, dominates the mythical “piazzetta” and is surrounded by the most prestigious villas of the international jet set. The lush terrace extends vertically above the village, as if flying over it in a helicopter, and offers itself as a unique terrace for your prestigious events. Unique location in the world for the suggestion of the places, the Portofino Castle is ideal for planning your dream wedding, a special ceremony or the most exclusive corporate marketing event. Castello Brown is available exclusively for private events, congresses, meetings, weddings, parties and celebrations, as well as exhibitions and displays of art and culture, culinary events, tastings and catering.
Via alla Penisola, 13 - 16034 Portofino (GE)
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